Guests can form teams to compete in everything from cornhole to flip cup, darts to beer pong. Another one of the best bar games to attract midweek guests? Sometimes, the simplest bar games are the best bar games. Yes, karaoke can become one of your most popular bar games. They have just as much to gain – if not more – from a successful event! There’s an endless list of things to do at our downtown bar and arcade and we’ve got some of the best Raleigh drink specials lined up for you every day of the week. At the end of the night, hand out your gold, silver, and bronze medals! Low-cost Bar Games. This is a fun bar contest, and we recommend you introduce it a bit later into the evening. Banana Eating Contest: This one is for the ladies. Bar Trivia Game Night: One of the ways to bring in a lower intensity crowd to your neighborhood bar is with a trivia night.This can also be adapted to certain kinds of theme bars, like having a Superbowl bar trivia game night as part of your Sports Bar games night or by having an Irish trivia night at your Irish pub before St. Patrick’s day. Combine with ANY SPONSOR. You get to play Cupid and drive business. Up the ante on fun with bar games like a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament. What do you get when you cross brushes, canvas, and paint with customers in a bar? Actual results may vary. BONUS! Launched in late 2017, this one is already Amazon’s #2 best-selling adult party game. Generally, you’ll want to give yourself a few weeks from planning to execution. And who knows? Land’s End also hosted a sweepstakes, through which participants could play a ga… Sitting down and planning an events calendar out in advance can minimize your stress when event time rolls around. 8. An alternative is to partner with local radio stations and let them use your bar’s drink (or … Chances are, they aren’t going to give a 2-for-1 beer special the same coverage as a one-night-only event. You’ll bring patrons together for a great time while creating a lively atmosphere that attracts crowds. Before dusting off Trivial Pursuit, ensure you have the right games for your guests. Open up your bar – and your ears – for all of the budding musicians in your area. Score a slam dunk with guests. Having events is key to driving traffic back to your bar on less busy days. Others are purchasing new versions that look identical to the originals (same price range). Prizes can be anything from T-shirts with your bar logo to drink tokens. Bar Game #2 – Kangaroo Just another of the hundreds of bar games you can play with a balloon. That way, most of your customers will be willing to give it a try. Think of all the popular shows that aren’t so easy to stream from the comfort of home. Music Games And hey, if the new drink does super well, it can become a regular, chosen with love by your guests. Or, the first person that shows a red pocketknife. The group is given canvas and paint and taken through the steps to create a scenic landscape by a local Yaymaker artist. Set up the 10 wooden pins on the patio floor and let the good times roll with the most traditional of bar games. Give each customer a dauber and a few bingo cards – arrange for one of your employees to be the caller – and offer a prize for everything from the typical five-in-a-row line bingo to blackout cards to just the four corners. Space Invaders. Brickhouse Family-friendly, you’ll find kids’ specials on burgers and craft beer specials for the grown-ups. Social Media and Bar Games. While many young adults today have video game systems at home, going out and playing with someone new is something worth considering. While speed dating would require a little more advance planning – creating a signup page, finding somebody to emcee, and changing your table set up to accommodate people moving from spot to spot – a viewing party wouldn’t require as much advanced work, besides confirming what channel you need for the show and whether you have to extra to get it. Hula Hoop Contest. You can find holiday themed bar crawls – like Bunny Hop or Santa Crawl – or some just because. It’s a guaranteed way to have patrons stick around afterwards for another drink while they learn more about their new friends and hear more about dining with Dolly Parton. 8. Croquet – this classy “sport” is the bar game you need for your next Derby watch party. Contests and other fun employee incentives can be a great way to bring your team together and get more done. 3. Social Board Games . The key is to create engaging bar events that get customers off the couch and away from their Netflix bingefest. You can increase the level of challenge by pairing people up and taking away the use of their hands. You can include a signature drink where proceeds are donated or have a cut of the money from the night as a donation. Video games attract large followings, and you can host video game nights to capitalize on this trend. Speed dating doesn’t have to be an awkward two minutes staring at a stranger’s ugly tie. No lawn? Pick a theme, ask guests to dress to match it, and make sure everyone brings a date. You can even have a representative from the charity come in so people attending know what they’re supporting and split marketing efforts with your charitable partner. In a few years, maybe you’ll be hosting an engagement party for the couple that met speed dating at your bar! Whether it’s wine, beer, or mini cocktails, people love a drink sampler. People are just starting their work week and are probably not focused on going out to a bar, yet many people like to connect with friends after a hectic weekend or meet up with business associates to talk about a new idea or strategy. From $1 mimosas to $3 pint night, live music to free tournaments and beyond – there’s always something fun (and affordable) to do at Boxcar Bar and Arcade in Raleigh! Sign up for free tips on how to keep your customers entertained! Run a contest which gives away a "Friend's Day" photoshoot with costumes. Or, you can create your own trivia based on a theme your patrons love, pop culture, history, or a mix. Skittles, or lawn bowling, has been played in Europe for centuries. Are you game? Teams sign up and compete each week at your venue, vying for the final prize. It’s all fun and games every Monday at MKT BAR. Think of how cool they'll look in your next Snapchat video! The key is to create engaging bar events that get customers off the couch and away from their Netflix bingefest. Tiles. For children of the 1980s, these retro arcade games are a nostalgic escape. The right live trivia system will provide everything you need – from trivia questions that show up on your TVs to handheld tablets that keep automatic scores. Business is booming on Friday and Saturday, and there’s a decent after work crowd on Thursday too. Then each person has to answer in sixty seconds to their temporary partner. No need to hire an expensive outside trivia host. You could even use “The Voice” as inspiration and ask that the judges turn their backs to the performers. Other Physical Bar Games to Try. Somewhere in between patio season and holiday season, you’ll have to find planning season. Build an event around your bar games with these easy, affordable ideas. For a PG-version ideal for families, get Apples to Apples instead. But wouldn’t it be great to also be busy on the slower weeknights? You run it the same way you run the hotdog eating contest, except that it uses bananas. Carolina Ale House. we already run a hosted trivia event on monday nights, it has been great for our business. Tag: fun bar games contests. Does your bar have a trivia night or other bar games night (we've seen bingo, shuffle board contests etc.) Giant. Or, create a contest with a high stakes prize if someone makes a shot from across the patio. Ms. Pac-Man. Created by the millennial-approved cartoonist, The Oatmeal, this is one of the best bar games to purchase now. Stagger the competition to keep guests coming back on a weekly basis on your slowest night. A DJ playing throwback hits and an old school menu to match will make your party a success. Caveat: table bar games are a good option for large bars. Have your best bartenders prepare to dazzle crowds with flying bottles or flaming drinks. Arcade Game Ideas (if You’ve Got Space). Everyone loves a good laugh, so why not provide the space for all of the jokers in town? Want guests to stay longer, spend more, and return often? Ideal for sports bars, turn your location into an arena with these bar games that require (minimal) physical activity. Looking for a fun bar with trivia contests/games, etc. Every loves trivia night: from college students to baby boomers. The more participants want to win, the more people they’ll bring in to vote for them. Dart leagues continue to build momentum into 2019. Not just for seniors in Florida, shuffleboard is showing up everywhere from hipster Brooklyn bars to trendy breweries. Find out how to become a Buzztime location. Break out the bar games. i am the manager at hilo burger joint i want to start some kind of poker event here at our bar. Katie is the Content Marketing Specialist at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant experiences. Or, if you’re located on a college campus, cater to big groups with equally big tournaments and trivia events that get everyone in on the gaming action. More Bar Games Millennials Love Right Now. Votes for performers, more guests and checks for your bar. Competitive games like Halo or Call of Duty can draw more social gamers. Hula Hoop Contest. It’s one of the best crowd-pleasing bar games. Video Games. No problem. The retailer tweeted out questions for their followers to answer for a chance to win a Land’s End gift card. Nothing says “reason to drink” like raising money for charity, right? Hopeful stars sign up and wait for their time to shine while family, friends, and fans fill up on food and drink. Plenty of bars go the extra mile to improve your night by including fun bar games. ... 422 reviews Does anyone know of any fun bars that sponsor trivia contests or have board games , etc? Pair the game with a menu and drink special and have your host include facts about your bar to teach your new customers a little trivia of your own. 1. Speed dating is a classic because people turn out for it. 66 Promotions to Drive Sales on Slow Nights. Live trivia events. Made popular by the TV show of the same name, this game works really well for door prizes. While the first 3 bar games require cards (and are best for groups of 8), there’s no limit to how many people can play Pop Culture and Movie Night Trivia. Now, push them together. It seems people love a rousing round of snakes and ladders with their buddies (and a beer or two). Planning the right bar events can have seats full and bottles empty on any day of the week. Here is a list of the best bar games you can play while you drink. A new rooftop bar (with inside and outside seating) offers a a glass roof and a view of downtown Raleigh. Bar Game Tips. Dec 18, 2016 - Here are the 21 best games to play in a bar, ranked. Us this DIY guide to make your own. 5 out of 5 stars (3,188) 3,188 reviews $ 24.95 Bestseller Favorite Add to Old English pub ring toss game. To drum up excitement and foot traffic, establishments can stage periodic or regular events where individual drink tokens or bundles as given away as prizes in bar game competitions or drawings. Watching television at the bar doesn’t just have to be the big game. Some bar events will also require more planning than others. Craft up your own funny cocktails and joke-themed eats to go with the comedic theme., 500 Glenwood Ave., 919-835-2222. Like Spades, Hearts is played over a series of rounds, with 13 hands played by each player per round. Just make it competitive by hiring a local musician or guest panel to give feedback to each performer. Depending on the style of your bar, a video game night may make sense to attract a younger crowd. You may want to give the first door prize to someone with a dollar bill in their purse/pocket that has a serial number ending in 55 (you choose the number). While retro arcade bar games look “cool,” if you want guests to stay longer and spend more, give them arcade games on tabletop tablets. Now that you’ve got 15 creative ideas for indoor bar games – from bar trivia to retro-cool limbo contests – the next step is to spread the word. Provide some sample questions – or drinks – to break the ice. Set up your bar so that singles can rotate from seat to seat, chatting with a new potential partner every few minutes. Most likely. Provide people an escape from mindlessly swiping right with a speed dating event. Your Complete Guide to Restaurant Reservations, The 15 best entertainment ideas for your bar. Other social media and bar games that can attract customers include: Classic tournaments like pinball, video games, darts, board games and 8-ball; Hosting karaoke, bingo or trivia contests; Interactive social media games 1. No forced romance necessary. Provide games or host a Bring Your Own Board night. Social media is a great way to promote your Monday specials. If you’re ready to boost your bar sales during downtimes, here are 15 fun and inventive ideas to try. Scoring and standings are generated automatically. Now it’s your turn. There are a few times you can count on your bar being a little busier: patio season, payday, and weekends, to name a few. Board game bars are popping up all over the country. It’s simple to play: One player asks a question from a black card, the other players answer with their funniest white card. You can easily build your own cornhole boards or buy them for about $100 per set. Host an event where you give the people what they want and offer one-night-only samplers. Besides extra traffic, there are a few more reasons you want to make bar events a regular occurrence at your restaurant: Make sure to review your local liquor laws before throwing any events. Don’t worry. Give your regulars and new customers creative and fun events they’d hate to miss out on and you’ll find your bar busy and bustling all week long. Here are six bar contest ideas that people still find fun and enjoyable. Hearts is a fun and easy card game for the bar that is ideally played with a group of 4. John Carrera December 6, 2019. Laws around drink specials, serving hours, and staff training all should be double and triple checked before hosting anything to keep your liquor license safe. Get the word out around town and watch people pack in to get their giggle on. She doesn’t shy away from the finer things in life, but no matter how much success she continues to acquire, she stays true to her roots and still considers imitation crab as gourmet. With a 5-star Amazon rating based on nearly 40,000 reviews, this is a no brainer as far as bar games go. Host events that appeal to everybody from sports teams to dance troupes, and meet a whole new group of customers. Set up Facebook … At the yell of Go!, hop down the course towards the finish line making sure not to lose the balloon. But they are also just great places to gather and have fun, and to just pass the time. Island Jay’s Hook and Ring Toss bar game will cure it…considering you can make it yourself for under $10. You can play this the traditional way by coming up with a theme like Pop Culture, History, Hollywood, Geography, and other fun topics that your guests find interesting. Sometimes, the simplest bar games are the best bar games. WIN WIN! Run a photo contest where one entrant can submit a photo and get their friends and family to vote on it (they'll need to submit their contact information to vote). In this article, we’ll cover: The right bar entertainment ideas can bring in a ton of extra traffic, so let’s dive in! Sometimes you want to play a game and you have nothing on hand. "We went for a fun family night and got teamed up with people we didn’t know but it was so fun! The winner should get a gift card – and be invited to judge the next week’s event! Set up games that people can enjoy and keep score – darts, pool, or foosball – or bring in some special games for the evening – like cornhole or video games. Dec 18, 2016 - Here are the 21 best games to play in a bar, ranked. Always have multiple sets of these popular bar games on hand. From shop dj51florida. Before starting, you must set the rules straight. Here are 20 different sales contest ideas you can use to do just that. This is where your bar events come in. Clothing retailer Land’s End ran a #SantaForADaycontest during the holidays. Consider letting players bring in their video game equipment to run their own indoor bar games. Even bars with a physical game room are adding handheld bar games, here’s why: BONUS! Bar Game Night with Gift Card Prizes. *2008 Independent Arbitron Study. Give away a photoshoot with makeover package. Instead of the normal speed dating, host a Get to Know Your Neighbours night instead. You can try a mix of traditional methods – like radio spots and newspaper ads – and digital methods – like Facebook ads or email marketing. Basically, if millennials are talking about it – the topics are in these 2 bar games. Time has evolved, and now you find many entertaining games to play in your local bar that keep you awake all night. Focus on creating food and drink specials that will appeal to smaller groups of customers and will draw them into your bar. Participating in bar crawls in your area means the pre-event planning is off your plate, but you can still expect the boost in traffic. Some bars are taking their chances with refurbished arcade classics (they range from $1000-$3000 on eBay). It’s not hard to boost business during your slow times. pizza specials. If you like, take it a step further and make it a six week competition. Every bar has drink specials and signature cocktails, so a unique event will break through the noise. A stage or cleared away area and a decent sound system and you’re all set. In fact, an independent Arbitron study* revealed that guests who play Buzztime’s handheld arcade games spend an average of 21% more per table check. There are many fun pool games to play at the bar, including 9-ball, cutthroat, bumper pool and many other billiard games. Each week there is an audience vote and elimination leading up to the last week when all finalists perform to compete for the final prize. thank you. 0. No, you don’t need to install a regulation 52-foot shuffleboard court – a 9-foot tabletop shuffleboard works well. Then, select games based on their interests and style of play. Got shuffleboard sticker shock? But you can’t run a business banking on people celebrating the end of the work week and a sunny summer. For larger parties, easy board games are a great way to get everyone engaged and create a social vibe. Partner with a local charity and host a bar event dedicated to fundraising for them. Board Games Candy Land Cards Against Humanity Clue Connect Four !Everyone contributed and it … Penny Drop – Premium cherry top version – fun family or bar game dj51florida. please let me know call me at (808)315-6669 or email me at my personal email Now you’re ready for the fun part – it’s time to start planning. Is there a popular social network in your locale that meets weekly? Trivia Night. But whatever you spend, adding games to your bar should encourage customers to stay in your bar longer and leave with wider smiles. Not as sinister as it sounds, this easy-to-learn party game is actually suitable for ages 7 and up. This is a fun bar contest, and we recommend you introduce it a bit later into the evening. Tell Olympic competitors to keep score from each station. All you need is a mic stand in the corner and a signup sheet. It’s bar games made easy. Set up an auto… In Hearts, you must always follow suit if you can, with the goal of having the fewest points in … Get more guests in the game by asking your best player to host a training session (reward them with a gift card). The ultimate game-winning strategy is one that keeps the customer’s needs in focus. If she isn’t writing, you can find her on a patio with friends and a pitcher of white wine sangria. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Questions are pulled from the week’s biggest headlines: viral videos, trending movies, and celeb gossip. A room full of artists and bar tabs! ** $50,000 and $5,000 Football Winners. Donkey Kong. We have seen bars have a lot of success when they up the stakes with a gift card to the winners. Partner with a hairdresser or makeup artist. Aloha from hawaii!!!! Photo contest are also a big hit -- and super fun to participate in. – $10 pizzas – $12 local brew pitchers – $3 local pints all day . After all, people can’t attend events they don’t know about! If you want to add to the fun of it, have guests vote on their favorite drink from each sampler and add it to the menu as a limited time offering. BONUS! My ideas are going on and on but i need to know what i need to do with your company to stare this and perhaps connect with other bars that are customers to buzztime and get something big.. bigger than our small town of hilo. Once you have a few solid events you know about, it’ll be easier to slot in smaller ones around them. All you need to do is top up drinks and shake up cocktails. ** $12+ MILLION PAID OUT in TOTAL Winners ** ** Philly Sports Bar came within a last game - last second fumble turnover TD of $100,000 ** WOW! Need we say more? Bocce ball…big in the South; Table hockey (or even table tennis) Any Wii Sports; Twister They partnered with influencers, mostly parents, and asked questions that evoked emotion and touched on how important the holidays are to families. scheduled at your bar? But this isn’t always possible in an industry that’s so fast paced. For example, if you’re a full-service restaurant that draws in couples for quiet dinners, offer 2-player bar games like chess and paint a few tabletops with a rustic checkerboard (different-sided coasters can be the checkers). This is a great one that requires a little less effort while giving you some great exposure. The classic PubStumpers trivia game is a North American favorite for a reason: it’s addictive! Scrabble. The ultimate guide for owners & managers. Think of how cool they'll look in your next Snapchat video! Sports bars are a great place to watch a game, no doubt about that. Once the bell dings, it’s time to move on to a new partner and the next question is asked. Theme your drink specials with the feature show or movie, and encourage patrons to dress up and really get into the spirit of things. I have contacted our local liquor distributers about sponsoring with absolute vodka. Home bar / game room ring toss game. There’s always the games on your phone, of course, but a face-to-face, person-to-person game is a much better option when you’re at the bar. pleae let me know if you have any legal information and buzztime information need to know to start this for the new year. BENEFIT the Team, the League, the Fun Bar Games Contests or a Charity. You’ve got the tables. I think a hosted poker event night would be a fun and great way to bring customers in to our establishment. Now, bring the fun (and millennials) to your place. happy holidays!!! So your bar is doing well. Island Jay’s Hook and Ring Toss bar game will cure it…considering you can make it yourself for under $10. Here are six bar contest ideas that people still find fun and enjoyable. Start advertising early and people can sign their teams up for the event, which will help you know what type of traffic to expect. Find them on or by asking your regulars if they are part of a group that needs a regular home. Clear space indoors for a cornhole tournament when it’s raining or snowing outside – you’ll cure cabin fever for guests. Make sure that the teams are enjoying your menu offerings with shareable plates and deals on draught pitchers. This will give you enough time to plan the actual event as well as how to market it. Got shuffleboard sticker shock? You can have contestants take part individually, or you can pair them up. Fair warning: they’re definitely R-Rated. That way, most of your customers will be willing to give it a try. Already have dartboards? 9. Here are 20 different sales contest ideas you can use to do just that. The real Olympics kick off in February…so why not launch your own winter Olympics?