There are too many Covenant in that district. Sadie: You too. Sadie: Can you get Dad for me? Mike: Listen, buddy. It worked on me. Marshall: Stay right where you are! Just like your mother... 'New Mombasa's most passionate public defender.' It's my pay day!} ATM: (from speaker) Welcome to your African Trust automated teller machine! Kinsler: [Chokes and gags.] I'm not sure if enemy dialogue is kept in Halo 5's Theater, though, but it might be worth checking out. Please don't shoot. [Sound: (from Chatter) Vergil chime, followed by tapping and barking.] Corrupt Cop: Yes, sir! There aren't any Brutes around. Mike: (clears his throat) It's good to meet you Dr. Endesha. I'll have Vergil -- Sadie: Hang on, dad... I think there's something stuck in the... Oh. Where did you get the jacket? Mike: How are we going to get across this bridge? Sadie: Tom, don't you get it?! [Sound: Slot-machines jingle inside the casino.] Mike: Where are you going?! Captain Dare, I assure you. Those people were massacred by a crazy ex-cop. Looter: Covies! I win! Suspect down! I'm going... there! {Kinsler:} I have. Mike: Covenant are closing in. Crone: Step away from that cash machine, or I'm going to blow your pretty head off! No one would be crazy enough to -- Halo 3: ODST has a gorgeous OST. {SWAT Cop: Get back!} Sadie: The police! I know they can afford the ferry! There's a Covenant ship -- Sadie: Uh oh... Incoming! We're...we're fighting hard. You are not allowed to view this content. {[Sound: Covenant drop-ship flies closer.]} [Sound: Corrupt cops fire into the crowd.] i'm a die hard French Halo fan from day 1, and my request is as follows, is it possible to have the first original sound effects of the Grunts in Halo CE? Miss Endesha, is that you?! Please come again! Jim: You? Marshall: Sorry about the mess. Crowd: Mommy! We've lost a lot of men. Kinsler: I killed your father an hour ago. Kinsler: Good. Look... lobby's all shot up. Sadie: We just need to get upstairs -- Comm Cop: You hear that crazy noise?! {Crowd: Come on! Sadie: (to Mike) Let me help you out of there. My husband was on board! Sadie! Emergency Stop! Mike: Why do we have to ride back here again? Please place your hand on the touch pad -- [distortion] [Sound: Final train whistle and a Vergil chime.]. Understand exactly what the customer needs. [Sound: Vergil chime] Don't walk! Crowd: (muffled) Yes! We gotta go. Let me through! Brute: [Angry roar.] Duty Officer: Yes, of course I could turn the Superintendent back on. Kinsler: (sighs) Don't you see the beauty of it, Sadie? You understand? Sadie: You're busy, so I'm just going to borrow this stapler... Mike: What!? Sadie: Let's go, let's go! But I'm off the train in Old Mombasa and-- Sadie: No! Jonas: Across the bridge? Vergil couldn't find you anywhhere! Kinsler: Oh I know there is, my dear. [Sound: Angry crowd pounds on the car] {Vergil chime} Kinsler: It's a pink, airborne octopus! Hands where I can see 'em! Crowd: What was that all about? One way street! The seismic survey for the new construction downtown? Kinsler: You'll do exactly as I say. Superintendent: (from ATM) Invest wisely! Daniel Endesha: Yes, I might be able to re-configure his traffic congestion cameras to isolate known Covenant vehicle profiles. Sadie?! Superintendent: And beyond. I have here in-studio, uprising commander, Harris 'Two Shot' Kibaki. He did his best. What say you and me make a deal? You've got to get as far away as you can -- Global Changes: ... Carbine damage values reduced to match halo 3 values because for some reason bungie heavily increased the damage for this game. Duty Officer: What gun? [Sound: Stephen turns-off his microphone.] Meet me there, ok? Tom: You know -- and I'm just thinking out loud here -- maybe this whole invasion is just one, big, misunderstanding! That doesn't stop dedicated fans from attempting to catalogue them all. Kinsler: Steady, officer. Daniel Endesha: Amazing! Mike: Why would they do that? Aww, you lousy sons of bitches -- Wrong way, girl! Get me outa here! Crowd: The commissioner! Sadie: It's the safest way to get to the ONI building. That's why it's one of my favorite games ever! I can see you making those sounds. Daniel Endesha: (from radio) Sadie! Kinsler: Careful Sadie, watch your step. No one is coming to save you. Mike: Yes sir... [Raises privacy partition.] Crone: {Shotgun pump} Forty years I've been coming to this place. The Mombasa Transit Authority welcomes you to Kikowani station. But we can't just -- Traceable. All mine!} Calm down! Superintendent: [Plays recording of traffic accident] Sadie: The biggest man I've ever seen! Crowd: Oh God. Mike: 'Hi! Thank God! Create Fireteam NOTE: Most, if not every music track of the .OGG format when opened with Audacity is split into small pieces. Mike: So... what exactly are you going to say to make them re-initialize Vergil? Jonas: (laughs)You could carry me, perhaps? Argue later! You're such a bright, beautiful girl. Mike: Covenant Sniper nest? Stop honking your horn. Of course you do! [Sound: Mike throws his pistol into the water.] Comm Cop: Somebody answer that damn {p}hone! [Sound: Whistle of Covenant tank fire.] At the back. That's a serious offense. Guarded by corrupt cops with machine-guns. Stephen: Do you know who is still listening to my announcements? An Olifant sent by Vergil (heaven sent angel) lets them pass safely. Battle on, brave citizens, and victory will be ours! Daniel Endesha: Who's "Mike"? Please! @chris-stratton-324371523 Same man it be awesome to experience the Halo games again when they first came out. (enters car, slams door) Jonas: Get your kebabs here! [Sound: Vergil chime.] I'm sure they're on somewhere, but since I have them on my computer I've just uploaded them to my free site for you guys. Sadie: (running) Poor Tom... Crowd: Move! Kinsler: (readies his weapon) It's so good to see you again Sadie. A butcher is giving away his food. [Sound: Sirens wail as a police car pulls up to curb beside the station.] You did this?! Kinsler: Sadie. Take my jacket. Get off of me! Kinsler: (from police car) Sadie? We're saved! Seriously. Get back! Kinsler: Just because I'm a murderer, doesn't mean I'm unpatriotic. Kinsler: [Screams as the crowd tears him apart. Marshall: Come on now. Propaganda: A popular uprising is inflicting heavy casualties on the invaders! Superintendent: [Loud Engineer whistle] Sadie! Halo ODST takes place in between Halo 2 and Halo 3, more specifically occurring after the Prophet of Regret makes a slipspace jump in the middle of New Mombasa.Due to the aftershock of the jump, a squad of ODSTs are separated from each other, and players find themselves alone in a wrecked and hostile city filled with Covenant. What you feel is hope. Sadie: I don't want to talk about it... You can't trust him! Circle 9: Treason: Kinsler returns for the third time, tricking Sadie in joining him by threatening her father. Brute: [Angry growl.] Watch it! You know the Superintendent? Daniel Endesha: You know... You are the first young man Sadie's ever introduced to me. How hard can it be to find?! Jonas: Very well young lady. Crowd: Not before me, you're not! The tentacle aliens he found I think they are helping Vergil. They tell "Sadie's Story," about a Kenyan girl named Sadie Endesha during the Battle of Earth on October 20, 2552. Sadie: Mike. The friendly Covenant aren't the ones doing all the shooting! Mike: (muffled) Are you ready to die? What the heck's going on? Kinsler: That damn machine is dead! [Sound: SWAT officer kicks-open stairwell door.] Daniel Endesha: Police Commissioner Kinsler? Crowd: Now's our chance! This is also where Tom the salesman reveals Sadie's position. Crowd: Hey! Superintendent: (distortion) Emergency stop-- Sadie: Where to? HALO 2 soundtrack had a lot of popular rock music in it, as well as techo. Sadie: Don't come any closer! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Superintendent: Your tax dollars at work! Should have taken the elevator... I gotta call my family! Duty Officer: You're holding my stapler inside your pocket and pointing it at me. Free food for the journey! Sadie: Please, just let me through! Sadie: That's it, Mike! Grab what you can and go! Daniel Endesha: Where are you? Your neighbors are resisting! "Service to All," right? Sadie: I don't know! Propaganda: (from PA) Stay strong, Mombasa! Why are you helping me? Crowd: Thanks you! No U-turn allowed! Please, please, please... After watching some ODST videos, I watched one video about terminals. Sadie: I stole it. You see? Vergil correlates to Virgil, who led Dante through the Nine Levels of Hell, just as Vergil leads Sadie, and then the. Marshall: Come and get it! ATM: Please place your right hand - (distortion) Wait! Superintendent: (from Olifant radio) Recycling! Sadie: Vergil! You hear me, you damn machine? Stephen: They are all going to die. Kinsler made that clear! He's a propaganda officer. Mike: Sadie, let's go. How do we bring Vergil back? Sadie: (moves through the crowd to street, coughs) Ow! Circle 3: Gluttony: This circle contains Jonas, who is a very large butcher handing out food. What do we do?! It uses sounds ripped straight from Halo 3 ODST. But we can save Vergil. Daniel Endesha: They won't glass the city! Jonas: (burps) This lamb would be perfect with a twenty-three Ida Sirah... You already have an admirer! Now! [Sound: Engineer sound followed by Vergil's imitation.] I'm getting on first! Just like all your customers need you! Take the money! It helped all of us! Daniel Endesha: The fighting is spreading, damaging all sorts of systems. Sadie: Sorry, Dad! [Sound: Rain begins to fall.] Sadie: Not good. Daniel Endesha: Hang on a second. Mike: Maybe, maybe not. Corrupt Cop #1: (radio) No sign of it yet, sir. {Crowd: -- we've got to get out of here!} (laughs) Sadie: But you can't stay here! Get her inside! Mike: Pelican drop-ship. You play very hard to get. Mike: Sadie. [Sound: Explosions rock the Olifant on its treads.] [Sound: Distant explosions in the city.] Mike: Uhn... Be gentle [url=]Virgil Outbound[/url] - right click and save as Wait! Mike: It's fiber-armored. Those aliens have been working on Vergil, and now that he's back on he sounds... Mike: Ugh... Man, what a smell! Hell, one of those people was the crazy ex-cop! Jonas: I am not worth five people... I want you to live. Why? [Sound: Crone shoots the ATM.] The Halo 3: ODST campaign experience on PC is basically perfection. Superintendent: (from PA) Do not exit, please! Mike: You're welcome! Then I'll come back. Damn glad to meet you! Inquisitive not violent. Crowd: Great, so now we have to walk to the platform? Open the doors. Sadie: Vergil, you've watched me all my life, kept me safe. Superintendent: (as Sadie) 'I need you to live... for me.' Sadie: Stay out of sight, find a kiosk. Kinsler: (spitting blood) You'll pay for this Branley! Looter: Crap. Feeding all these hungry people? Run! Wait! Mike: Nobody could blame you. Superintendent: Warning! I've lost engine control! Let us through! But they're looking up. Please! Kinsler: As police commissioner it's my job to uphold the law. Stephen: But maybe you can do better... [Exhales cigarette smoke.] Superintendent: [Vergil chime] Incorrect password. [Sound: Train grinds to a stop.] The gun. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Marshall: Why don't you shut your goddamn mouth! Mike: Sadie! Daniel Endesha: This is a video connection, Sadie. Sadie: You're all I have left of him... Kinsler: What?! Sadie: Dad, can Vergil track the Covenant as they move? I used DangerWasp's Left 4 Dead 2 mod because Adjutant (Halo extractor) was being a ♥♥♥♥♥ and wouldnt work. I remember. 29 of them can be found in Mombasa Streets. I might do it again. Sorry! It freezes you! What the devil do you think you're doing? Straight ahead! He has a drop-ship! Propaganda: Our enemies are cowards! Sadie: I'm not crying... Kinsler: Now toss it off the bridge. Kinsler: The data center below the ONI building? Sadie: Stop it, Vergil! Go ahead. Stephen: Commander? Sadie: Vergil. [Sound: Brutes exit the drop-ship and walk to the ATM.] [Edited on 03.02.2011 4:23 AM PST]. Comm Cop: Reports of another riot starting down at Kikowani! The train's not responding! Superintendent: (from PA) [Engineer whistle.] Daniel Endesha: Vergil's observing another group of them now, inside Kikowani subway station. Kinsler: (slamming down his drink) We wait! Sadie: Surrender accepted. [Sound: (from train) Engineer whistle.] Vergil, get right on it! Mike: (muffled) Do you want to live? Crone: Open up! Superintendent: (from Chatter) Transaction complete! Crone: That was a nice trick with the police sirens, girly. Kinsler said he'd trigger the emergency fire response! [Sound: Frightened civilians crowd the station.] But his job... [Sound: Loud Engineer whistle.] Sadie: My father says I should thank you for saving my life. [Sound: Suddenly, a car races down the street, smashes the Brutes, and then plows into the casino.] Sadie: (into her Chatter) Dad? Its not a virus or a scam link, i pinky swear. I'm doing all I can, but -- Mike: Basically right at the heart of the Covenant occupation. [url=]Virgil Inbound[/url] - right click and save as Sadie: My father is still in Vergil's data-center! Marshall: I figured I'd send some of my old pals on their way myself. Edit Get it on Google play. Mike: (running) Police Headquarters! Sit tight, or you're gonna end up like these old buddies of mine. Sorry! Sadie: Good! Sadie: Or a rifle! I'm sorry. Mike: There's Kinsler's private train. Sadie: Commissioner Kinsler?! But not today. Sadie: That whole macho tough-guy thing? Seeing-eye dog. Sadie: Are those cops? Picks up the garbage, monitors the traffic. Sadie: Fine. Mike: Sure. Are you alright?! Mike: Leave him, Sadie! It frightens the children. Kinsler: My car is off the grid, Sadie. Brutes: [Dying growls] But I ain't so stupid. Comm Cop: No clue. Mike: Yeah... Sadie: What? He suffocated and froze. Think I'd share any of this with you --