It has a very impressive list of features and functions. For two devices to work together (such as REAPER an and OSC control surface device), the user must configure one or both devices to send and receive messages that have meaning for the other device. You may notice that under ASIO Driver, that there is an option for ZOOM R16_R24 ASIO Driver. What is a Driver? The Setups window shows all your devices, applications, and connected setups. You should be able to use the mixer to control REAPER, and vice versa. Turn on the Zoom R16 and boot it all the way up (Sequence is below). (See Image 1 for OS X setup and Image 5 for Windows). Click ‘OK’. Right-click in the are on the left where the track controls are. TouchOSC | Setup REAPER. David Bode has created an excellent tutorial on setting up the Korg nanoKontrol 2 with REAPER over on the AudioTuts site. Driver for REAPER is provided for macOS and Windows. This system he’s configured allows him to quickly access any track, add plugins, and control the parameters with touch screen or rotary encoders. If your device is not on the list of recognised control surfaces and cannot emulate any of the items on that list, it can probably still be used by teaching REAPER what MIDI messages each of the physical controls send. Do Anything REAPER's full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have found a home wherever digital audio is used: commercial and home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and more. In this instance, you will learn how to connect your X32 as a control surface with the popular DAW; Reaper. It particularly helps when mixing bass. Click ‘Add’. For Control Surface Mode, select Mackey Control Universal. Depending on the actual product and which drivers you are using, it might appear on this list with its own name or as a USB Audio Device. You would just have to figure out where the same type of settings are in your DAW. Platform M+. You can then assign any action listed as supporting midi CC control to one of the knobs, faders, buttons or rotaries on your control device. Note the REAPER host IP address, and enter that value in the TouchOSC host IP field. Note the TouchOSC local IP address, and … If you wish, you can assign it a more recognisable name than that listed by selecting the Alias input name option. Check out this other post for troubleshooting steps if your Zoom R16 isn’t working properly as an Audio Interface or Control Surface here: Zoom R16 – Troubleshooting in Reaper on Windows (Will open in a new tab.). Select the Mackie Control protocol in the DAW Control panel and launch Reaper. What Is Reaper? This is important to note, since fancier, more costly solutions may include options for each performer to have a sub-mix tailored to their needs. The Control Surface window allows you to select the Control Surface, the MIDI Input and Outputs, and the Track Offset and Size of the Controller. A/ Create a new configuration. INSTALLATION & SETUP Control surface for reaper? Select the Mackie Control protocol in the DAW Control panel and launch Reaper. That is listed because you installed the driver for the Zoom R16 earlier. Music Producer for Film, TV and Advertising. Reaper 5: Forward/Rewind No led feedback: Reaper 5 Bitwig 2: Save No led feedback: Cubase 9: Undo No led feedback : Studio One 3 Cubase 9: Command center with your favourite DAW: Below, you'll find instructions on how to use KeyLab Essential's DAW Command Center with your favorite DAW. (See screenshot below). Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10 or higher) or Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Whether or not it prompts you to reboot, be sure to save any work, close your apps, and reboot your computer. Click “Ok” The nanoKontrol is an inexpensive and compact USB control surface with 8 knobs, 8 short faders and a ton of buttons. I'm looking at adding a control surface to my setup. Download the V-Control Pro Installer at To test it out, in a new or existing Reaper project, make sure the master track is showing. (Requires Mac OS 10.10 / Windows 7 or later) Elevate your recordings with the Icon QCon Pro control surface with motorized faders. Ableton Live . Hi gang, My question is two-fold, and back to front. The Keylab MkII control surface mapping is available since Ableton Live 9.7.7 or 10.0.3. But first, the basics! it works under OSC via Lemur. In this instance, you will learn how to connect your X32 as a control surface with the popular DAW; Reaper with DETAILED coverage of the transport controls. Click [[Image:Reaper 0b6 control surface add button.png]] to add a Control Surface. Thanks for your assistance in sorting this out, much appreciated. In the window that appears select the dropdown menu for Control surface mode, and select Mackie Contrl Universal ; ... and Apply in Reaper Preferences. 6. The following two tabs change content below. Maybe they bought ones that had sat on the shelf too long and the batteries were kaput. It also provides powerful custom configuration for MIDI controllers. Connect C|24, Control|24, and ProControl to Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo, and Studio One. That is the case with many DAW surface controllers over $1,000.00 and it is true with the Mackie MCU. Install it as a MIDI Device, most likely Input Only and in most cases Control Only. Simple Setup. In the ‘Preferences’ window, select ‘Control/OSC/Web’. This video will show you how to set your device to work with Reaper. MASSIVE Control, MODULAR Components, MINIMUM Footprint. I just don’t want someone to buy these and not be happy with them. Adding TouchOSC as a control surface in REAPER (Windows or OS X): Start REAPER v4.20 or higher. Double-click the “V-Control Pro.pkg” icon to launch the installer. Readers should be familiar with functionality of Launchpad Pro covered in its user guide. Once you correctly configured your DAW, set your KeyLab MkII to the DAW mode to use it as a control surface. This product aims to make your daily tasks more simple. Windows instructions . If you have a control surface such as a Behringer BCR2000, Novation Nocturnor any of the devices listed below then you can use it to control some of REAPER's actions. Cockos Reaper. I am not putting a link to the Tannoy Reveal 802 Studio Monitors here, since there is a controversy over the native hiss that is heard when these are simply powered on with no audio playing. Furthermore it's needed to install the Kontrol software and not only any Kontakt instruments to benefit from the Kontrol-S features, like transport control, lightguide, etc.. After installing Kontrol and the keyboard driver it's important to configure the DAW driver only as a control surface in Reaper's preferences, and not as a MIDI device! Yes! Hi John! It was created in 2004 and it rose to popularity shortly after. This can be done with the keyboard shortcut Control+P. I personally use a pair of Tannoy Reveal 802 Studio Monitors using a set of balanced TRS 1/4″ cables I bought at Guitar Center to the 1/4″ input jacks on the back of the Zoom R16. Driver for REAPER is provided for macOS and Windows. ; Open the Options / Preferences window and click on MIDI Devices from the left hand list. Firstly, look I know it's been asked before and I apologise up front if this is an annoying question, but in searching the forum I havent been able to spot a definitive answer in getting a Yamaha O1V96 digital mixer to work as a control surface in Reaper. Let’s say you want to control the volume mixer with your MIDI Controller Type in filter – Track volume and select the appropriate one. Likewise, under Output range, it picked up on first output as “Audio Interface 1” and the last as being “Audio Interface 2”. Again, check the various documentation and web sites that are available to you. Using BCF preset 2 and Mackie controller mode you get instant access to volume, panning, mute, track selection and transport.