Just like cows, you can find a few goats that produce exceptionally higher, but they are rare to get and expensive to buy. Starting an agribusiness venture is not an easy task, even if you have enough capital at hand. The remaining 70% is on daily management (feeding, health, housing, etc). Join Facebook to connect with Caroline Wambugu and others you may know. All the three types of Wambugu apples take growth and development. GF Drip Irrigation Kit (Complete System with Fittings). Within no time, big shots like Kenya Agricultural Research Livestock Organisation (Karlo) officials heard of his invention they paid his farm a visit. 2 were here. For Wambugu, each tree can produce up to 2,000 fruits and he in turn sells each fruit for Sh100, which translates to earning a minimum of Sh20,000 per tree. For more information click on the image. I also do not use any chemicals be it pesticide or fertilizer,” Wambugu says. grafted. If the resulting estimate is above your budget, you might decide to purchase fewer goats, or a different breed. the flowers and fruits until the plant is one year old on the farm after The price is very inhibitive especially the This article puts clarity on a few facts about dairy goat farming and milk production especially the amount of milk a dairy goat produces per day. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Physical Address: Pioneer Business Centre Kisumu Road Opposite Brookside Eldoret, Kenya. alternative to grow apples locally, and the farming of Wambugu apples has Iam john,I am impressed with what Mr Wambugu is doing, I wish to contact him so that I can learn more and also get seedlings from him. Let the right tractor do the right job  Choosing the right tractor depends on several factors. The tractor occupies a special place in the mechanization of agriculture but also in the budget of farmers. 154 likes. It is against the law in most states, including Pennsylvania, to sell raw milk unless it is inspected by state milk inspectors. They produce excellent quality milk which can easliy be made into cheese, butter and yogurt. I’d wish to have Wambugu’s contact. I need to pay him a visit to learn more. Before you know it your stroll through the market will be overflowing with new colleagues. Reside in bungoma. of your seedling and place the seedling gently into the planting hole. This article explains the benefits of feeding dairy goat on grass to increase milk production. Recently, he won a tender to supply fruits to Mt Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki. Keeping dairy goats in Kenya is a profitable venture if all the requirements are taken into consideration. Success Story from Smart Harvest. Dairy goat farming is an upcoming lucrative agribusiness venture, not only because of the huge prices that goat milk attracts but also because of the well-known health benefits of goat milk. Your email address will not be published. apples go for up to 10 dollars. Wambugu apple seedlings that are ready for market, which signifies the capacity If you wish to try Wambugu Apples on your For example, a tractor with an engine power of 120 HP is not suitable for the, MF 4708 by Massey Ferguson Below is a simple outline of the key features and specs of the MF 4708 tractor by the Massey Ferguson company: MF 4708, 82 hp 4 cylinder model. This ensures that the tree is fully developed and can support Try to make the barn on high ground, so that it doesn’t flood during excessive rains (it will ensure, your dairy goats are not standing in mud when it rains). He found the apple trees and uprooted them and went to plant them on his dad’s farm. Am a 2nd year horticulture student and I am interested in trying out the apple farming….can; get Mr wambugu’s contacts?? Today, we focus on feeding dairy goats on grass. Wambugu farm is certified by the Kenya If However, with the If you are looking forward to start dairy goats on a large scale or small scale farming, there will be something for you to learn from this article. The mechanization of rice farming in Kenya should be an urgent priority. water. Additionally, the wider you make the hole, the more In this article, we have gathered and With limited capital a farmer can start a dairy goat project and be able to reap benefits from it within a short time. “The apples are on demand for two reasons — their size and because they are organic. On this location, Wambugu apple farm I always wondered why we could not grow our own yet the environment is cool?” Wambugu says. MF 4708, fitted with an AGCO POWER engine with mechanical fuel injection and a 4.4-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged. has the seedlings section as well as an operational farm where they actively “It’s a unique and special species of apple tree, so most of the people ordering the seedlings are willing to pay more for it,” Wambugu says. around 12 months to start producing healthy fruits and can be commercialized. The barn must have to be sturdy enough, so that it can’t pose any problems. Choice of specialized 2WD or 4WD front axles with hydrostatic steering, offeri, Farming rice without mechanization is the peak of farm drudgery While still celebrating the December holidays, I visited some smallholder rice farmers in the Mwea Irrigation Scheme. region, and the Mediterranean countries majorly Egypt. stems. Goats start arriving at Hyde Park dairy, soon to be state’s largest; After 150 years of milking cows, northern Vermont farm awaits 1,500 goats He has planted more than 1,000 trees on his farm in Ihwa but has also purchased an additional 23 acres of land to plant more apples in Kieni Sub County. Your email address will not be published. Click HERE to buy our GF Drip Irrigation Kit, The GF1 Submersible Solar Water Pump Kit has a total lift of 100m and can pump 720 litres per hour. once a day. But there are a little or no goat milk consumer in your local market. Usually goats don’t require amenities inside their barns. I came across this site just today and I’ve gone some of your articles and I simply love them .its great to see young people thinking out of the box. Hi! and in many weather conditions apart from the swampy areas, that’s why they are story of farming Wambugu apples in Kenya, Wambugu 1: This is the red-colored staple Wambugu apple farm, you will get them at a cost of Ksh 1000 ($10) per stem. Nigerian Dwarf Goat. who have been growing the Wambugu apple variety in Kenya. But it will be better, if you manage some sort of solid shelter for them. located outside Kenya, Wambugu farm can organize and send your seedlings What next for him, we ask? 200,000 from one acre per annum. My take-home was that rice farmers deserve a break from drudgery. This is wrong. While around 80-90% of all farmers in Africa still depend on manual labor or draft animals, the situation is changing due to the falling machinery prices and rising rural wages.